AmaZulu Heart Of Africa

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AmaZulu Heart Of Africa


Autumn – KwaZulu, Natal, South Africa. Some 300 singers and musicians gather in a hill top village for a once-in-a-lifetime recording session. The culminating tapes of traditional Zulu Dances and Chants were then integrated within the best traditions of contemporary Western song. AmaZulu – Heart Of Africa is the result of this unique venture.


1. Intro & Yo-Hum! 2. I Am I Are 3.Plaintive 4. Zonke! 5. Evening Plains Lament 6. Land Of Heaven 7. Amalanzanee 8. Yell-le-le 9. Spirit Of The Zulu 10. Shield Dance 11. He Who Roars 12. African Voices 13. Sanctus For Isandlhwana 14. Emashona


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Produced by Chris Cozens for CCG Studio Ltd. Composed, arranged and performed by Chris Cozens using traditional Zulu material recorded on location in KwaZulu, Natal, South Africa. Zulu Vocals & Choirs: The Zulus of Simunye Pioneer Camp & Shakaland. Additional vocals courtesy of Eric Persing & Spectrasonics. ( All Titles copyright Eaton Music Ltd. Cover Art by Jess Hall.

The Press Wrote:

…the most wonderful and evocative use of Zulu music I have ever heard .

Barry Leitch

Cover Artwork:

Although AmaZulu is only available as a download, if you’ve a mind to and wish to burn your own CDR after downloading below is the beautiful artwork from Jess Hall so you can print a cover for your CD.

Amazulu Disc ArtworkAmaZulu Sleeve – Front Cover

Amazulu Disc Cover BackAmaZulu Sleeve – Back Cover

Amazulu Disc Cover FrontAmaZulu CDR Artwork