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A big thank you to all of you who have taken the trouble to contact us through the site. It really is good to know that you are enjoying the albums we produce. I hope your summer was a good one – the skiing in New Zealand this year was awesome.

Spotlight Album – Pure Tranquility:

This album – released though EMI|Gold in 2000 – has received the most feedback this time so I thought I would give it a plug for those that have not yet heard it. A three CD boxed set with over 3 hours of chillout tranquility.

The catalogue number is 7243 5 28685 2 0.

Casino Royale:

Team Arnold were back in the studio last week to record David’s score for the latest Bond film. The film looks great – putting me in mind of the Sean Connery era films – gritty and realistic – and David’s score works so well introducing the world to the character of James Bond. The musicians were on fire – with lots of humour mixed in with the concentrated effort. The week of scoring dates flew by. Sometimes doing work like this – you really do have to stop and enjoy the moment. There was an incident in the final session that I know was caught on film that I really hope makes it onto the DVD as part of an extras package. To tell you what it was would spoil it…..so I won’t! It really doesn’t get better than this…….

The Lookout:…..although my old friend Thomas Dresher – a music editor I knew from New York and whose credits are long and impressive including Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban – walking through the door of Angel Studios in London for this James Newton Howard scored film – was certainly up there. With another old friend Alan Meyerson engineering and a new friend in Chris Bacon conducting – this score was a blast to record. The movie looks well worth checking out.The Queen, Children of Men and Infamous are all getting good reviews, winning awards and are worth checking out.




The Queen, Children of Men and Infamous are all getting good reviews, winning awards and are worth checking out.



I’m back working on Facades with scriptwriter/lyricist Alan Attfield. We are reworking Episode One and I am remixing the demos. I hope to be able to give more updates on this project in future months.


Well – that’s it for this update. Future scores in the next month include Blood Diamond for James Newton Howard and Miss Potter for Rachel Portman. There is also a very exciting project with Magic Memories in New Zealand – more on that in the future too.



Chris Cozens. October 2006.


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