News: July 2006.

David Walliams:

A huge ‘well-done’ to David on his tremendous achievement of swimming the 21 miles from England to France. You can still sponsor David by going to

Toys for the Boys:
Chris from StudioSpec ( came down and installed the new Vienna Instruments Symphonic Cube so I am looking forward to getting to grips with it. It’s very easy to use – the tricky part is the sheer size and variation of content!

My Zendrum LT arrived. If you programme or play drums – you have to check this company out. ( David and Gina from Zendrum really took a lot of time and trouble to make sure I had the unit I wanted. I remixed a track from Facades using DFH Superior ( programmed via the Zendrum the very day it arrived – which proves it really is designed to be played and is very easy to use.

David Arnold has written a beautiful, powerful and lyrical score for Michael Apted’s Amazing Grace – the story of how William Wilberforce got the act through the British Parliament that abolished the slave trade. Recorded at Air Studios with David’s usual ‘Bond’ team, we’ll all be back there later in the year to record David’s score for Casino Royale.

Michael Price called to record a piece by John Tavener for the Alfonso Cuaron directed ‘Children of Men’. This looks a very powerful story and the way they are using the music is amazing.

The FIFA World Cup fixtures list was studied long and hard by Alexandre Desplat and Stephen Frears for the recording sessions for ‘The Queen’. At least I assume it was as they managed to actually record in the first two clear days available. Can’t say the same for the mixing though. Recorded at Abbey Road – the weather was wonderful so the garden was well used. Won’t say too much about the film as I don’t want to spoil it. However I would recommend you check it out when it goes on release.

Steve Piper has done a sterling job to get all the downloads together. I really think the site looks great – I hope you all agree.

Well – summer calls. Have a good one and check back for more stuff in September.

Chris Cozens July 2006.


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