News: October 2007


It’s been a momentous three months since the last blog – we have relocated to New Zealand. We couldn’t go much further without involving NASA!


Before leaving the UK I had the pleasure of recording another album with my old friend Dave Greenslade. It was the final project I undertook at the Home Farm studio before everything was packed up and shipped off to New Zealand. Dave was in fine form and has written some excellent new material. Everything was recorded onto Pro Tools and we may even mix it at the new studio here in New Zealand.

My final film before leaving was the Howard Shore score for the new David Cronenberg film “Eastern Promises”. We finished recording at Abbey Road on July 5th and we flew out to New Zealand on July 10th. But not before we all had drinks in the Abbey Road Bar. My friend and fellow music editor Nancy Allen from New York was in town working with Clint Mansell at Air so was able to drop by as were David Arnold, Simon Rhodes, Rob Playford, Vic Fraser, Jennie Dunnington, Michael Price as well as most of the Abbey Road crew. It was a great night for me.



It was hit the ground running when we arrived in New Zealand. For the past couple of years I have been looking for a way to live and work both here and in the UK. Last year I had a couple of conversations with the folks at Magic Memories based in Queenstown where we discovered a lot of overlapping interests and ambitions. Here was a world class, well established company with some awesome talent in both photography and video as well as systems development right on my doorstep. We have some very exciting projects coming up and we have already completed a couple in the first few weeks of working together. More on this next time, maybe with some links to the work we do for the web.


I wanted to have the studio up and running by September 1st but in fact I was writing and recording in it within three weeks of arriving here.

I sent an email to an old mate in Oz – Jon English – to tell him of the move. I toured Oz with him and his great band back in er……1989-90! As to how I got there – well that is a long story involving a musical about Helen of Troy called Paris, the London Symphony Orchestra, copious amounts of alcohol and a pub in the UK. Ah, those were the days! Anyway – Jon has a new TV show here in NZ so we’ll finally get to catch up again. Both older but probably no wiser!


I shall be back in the UK to record some more film scores later in the year and early next year – about which – more next time.




Chris Cozens. New Zealand. October 2007.


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