October 2009



Hi from a surprisingly cold New Zealand. Spring sprung a month ago and the ski fields announced their end of season date so of course the biggest dump of snow all winter arrived yesterday. Maybe time for one last run down the slopes before waxing the skis for summer storage.



The Phoenix Rises.


Some good news for those of you who have asked where you can buy my albums since the closure of Woolworths. Most are available from Amazon and iTunes.


Phar Lap.


I shall be scoring the documentary on the Phar Lap sculpture by Joanne Sullivan-Gessler towards the end of this year. I have already made some themes available so the editors can begin to edit the picture and try those edits against music. The life size Bronze of Phar Lap is to be unveiled in his birthplace, Timaru, New Zealand in November. You can see some great pictures of the work in progress on Joanne’s own site here.





Photographer Allan Johnston has also been involved and has some wonderful shots of the casting of the bronze in a slide show here.






There has been a steady flow of people signing up for the download section. All you need to do is click the ‘Sign Up/Login’ button along the top and this will take you to the correct page. Once logged in with your own user name and password you can play and download all the music in the download section. It is great to be able to make music available so quickly. We have added a ‘New Material’ section and this will be updated with the ten most recent additions to the music catalogue.  Don’t forget that it is all free unless you use it for commercial purposes.


Here in the southern hemisphere I celebrated Fathers Day with my daughter Chloe.





With the summer break well and truly over in the northern hemisphere everyone is back hard at work. It was great to see Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs  with it’s score by Mark Mothersbaugh recorded at Air Lyndhurst top the US Box Office. I am off to LA at the end of the month for a couple of meeting on future projects so I am looking forward to catching up with the folks there.



More next time.




Chris Cozens. New Zealand. October 2009.


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