AmaZulu – Heart Of Africa is now available as a download via iTunes, Amazon and most other download stores. The spectacular cover art is by Jess Hall. The Heart of Africa is fully endorsed by the Zulu people and has been described by Barry Leitch, an Honorary White Zulu who is held in the highest esteem by the Zulus, as

“the most wonderful and evocative use of Zulu music I have ever heard”.

You can click here to view the video promo for the album on You Tube.


1. Intro & Yo-Hum! 2. I Am I Are 3.Plaintive 4. Zonke! 5. Evening Plains Lament 6. Land Of Heaven 7. Amalanzanee 8. Yell-le-le 9. Spirit Of The Zulu 10. Shield Dance 11. He Who Roars 12. African Voices 13. Sanctus For Isandlhwana 14. Emashona


Available as a Download from iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby and most other download stores.


Produced by Chris Cozens for CCG Studio Ltd. Composed, arranged and performed by Chris Cozens using traditional Zulu material recorded on location in KwaZulu, Natal, South Africa. Zulu Vocals & Choirs: The Zulus of Simunye Pioneer Camp & Shakaland. Additional vocals courtesy of Eric Persing & Spectrasonics. ( All Titles copyright Eaton Music Ltd. Cover Art by Jess Hall.

AmaZulu Press Release


  1. Chris Cozens

    April 9, 2013 (19:26) Reply

    AmaZulu Heart Of Africa now available via iTunes, Amazon and CD Baby as well as most other download stores.

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