Playing The Game.

Every game has rules. One of the newer games in town is self-promotion. In these days of social media, not an hour goes by without being asked to ‘like this’ or ‘support that’, ‘buy this’ or ‘share that’, ‘sponsor me for this’ or ‘attend that and the other’. It’s not surprising really as these days we are all creators or promoters of one thing or another. This is especially true of writers and musicians, on our own in this brave new world of do-it-yourself commerce.  What does surprise me, however, are the substantial number of people who ask for support but rarely reciprocate. Why is that?  

Who Pays?

“I think it (the use of music in a TV show) is more of a promotional opportunity in 2013.” So said PJ Bloom recently, one of the “most successful and sought after music supervisors” PJ Bloom spoke in front of a packed room at AIM’s Sync Licensing to TV, Film, Adverts and Games event. Having worked on hit shows such as CSI: Miami, Nip/Tuck, Glee and currently American Horror Story, he told indie execs how to get to the gatekeepers of sync and what they should expect to get out the process: nothing, apparently.