Un/intended. Un/foreseen. Consequences of the modern music industry business model.

Why it has to be Mourinho.

So the football world went to sleep on the rumour and awoke to the reality; Sir Alex Ferguson (SAF), manager of Manchester United FC, has decided to take early retirement! This will have been a considered course of action yet the timing has come as a surprise to most of us. Most thought he would stay on for another couple of years, especially with the way his team were eliminated from The European Champions League this season, he would undoubtedly want to avenge that. Especially as SAF had himself indicated very recently his desire to stay on for another couple of campaigns. So - why now? I think the answer has to lie with his preferred successor. And for me all the evidence points towards Jose Mourinho.

Who Pays?

“I think it (the use of music in a TV show) is more of a promotional opportunity in 2013.” So said PJ Bloom recently, one of the “most successful and sought after music supervisors” PJ Bloom spoke in front of a packed room at AIM’s Sync Licensing to TV, Film, Adverts and Games event. Having worked on hit shows such as CSI: Miami, Nip/Tuck, Glee and currently American Horror Story, he told indie execs how to get to the gatekeepers of sync and what they should expect to get out the process: nothing, apparently.

September 2011

This has been a year of mixed emotions. A little over two months ago Michelle and I finally married after first meeting 31 years ago.

What Is The Auricle?

There is no such thing as 'moving pictures'. A movie is a collection of still pictures or 'frames' shown in sequence at so many frames per second - giving the illusion of movement.
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