Who Pays?

“I think it (the use of music in a TV show) is more of a promotional opportunity in 2013.” So said PJ Bloom recently, one of the “most successful and sought after music supervisors” PJ Bloom spoke in front of a packed room at AIM’s Sync Licensing to TV, Film, Adverts and Games event. Having worked on hit shows such as CSI: Miami, Nip/Tuck, Glee and currently American Horror Story, he told indie execs how to get to the gatekeepers of sync and what they should expect to get out the process: nothing, apparently.

December 2010

Welcome back from the snowbound winter wonderland of Ohio, USA. About 24” of snow has fallen over a 48 hour period giving me my first taste of ‘Lake Effect Snow’. But the roads are clear and the houses snug and warm so we can enjoy the beauty of the snow covered landscape.

Studio Update

I have started to do mockups of movie scores again so I have updated and expanded the studio hardware and software.

December 2006

David Arnold and team were back at Air Studios again this week to record the score for the forth-coming ‘Hot Fuzz’.  Directed by Edgar Wright who also wrote the script with Simon Pegg the film stars just about everyone; Nick Frost, Jim Broadbent, Timothy Dalton, Martin Freeman, Bill Nighy, Steve Coogan, Anne Reid, Billie Whitelaw (last worked with Billie in the 90’s when she starred in Film Friends and The Cloning Of Joanna May – both for TV). A very very funny film from the team who gave us Shaun Of The Dead. The Gothic Choir on the soundtrack is nothing short of spectacular!