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Chris has a credit list that includes five James Bond movies, the Lord of the Rings trilogy and TV favorites including Minder, Van der Valk, and Band of Brothers. He has had his songs recorded and performed by such world-renowned artists as Graham Bonet & Jan Akkerman, Joe Fagin & Jon English and he has co-written songs with Mike Hurst & Cozy Powell, among others. If you have ever watched TV, seen a movie, or listened to a CD, there is a good chance you have heard the work of Chris Cozens. The quality of the projects Chris has been involved with speaks for itself.


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  • RT @stevesidwell: Can anyone tell me how I can get my new album onto Bono's computer, whether he wants it or not?20 days ago
  • To kid in new $45k motor: playing rap with R rated lyrics at full blast with windows down doesn't herald cool - it heralds wanker.33 days ago